Communication Systems That Get the Job Done

Sound-n-Secure Inc offers a wide range of communication systems for your business. Each system we provide includes the features needed in today's modern office settings. Not only can we provide you with the phones and systems themselves, but we sell and install a variety of cable for all your communication needs. These include internet, phone, cable TV, satellite dish cables, and more.

Office Telephone Systems

Our office systems have all the features sought after for businesses today. They have the ability to expand up to 500 extensions and include a speaker phone and conferencing options. These systems are easy to program and set-up depending on your needs. And although they aren't included, we also have wireless headsets available to you.

Emergency Telephone Systems

Emergency telephone systems are used mainly in your more remote areas, such as elevators and parking garages. The systems are used for emergency situations, such as getting stuck in an elevator or locked in a parking garage. 

The emergency phone can be set up to automatically dial out by pushing a button. You can determine where the calls are directed - a guard station, local fire department, police station, or 911.
Give us a call for a more comprehensive list of the features our phone systems can provide you.
Make sure your business is ready to perform with our up-to-date and extensive communication systems.
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