Ensure the Safety and Comfort of Your Patients

Our experts here, at Sound-n-Secure Inc, are able to provide you with the healthcare systems that will keep things running smoothly. Our systems are perfect for healthcare facilities, retirement homes, or even your home. We'll make sure you are always connected to the people you need most.

Keep Your Patients Safe and Sound

Our healthcare systems can be used in any facility. We can provide you with nurse call buttons located at the bedside and linked to a nurse's station. We even have patient-wandering devices that are mainly used with Alzheimer patients. These patients wear a device around their wrist and if they try to exit a facility, an alarm will sound.
Healthcare Systems

Emergency Call Buttons

There are two types of emergency call buttons used in the healthcare field. The first is a button placed behind a patient's hospital bed to call a "Code Blue" - these are typically used by nurses. 

The second is a button placed on a necklace, wristband, or pinned to the person's clothing. When that person has an emergency, they can push the button which can be linked to 911, nurse stations, and / or family members.
Call us to find out how you can make sure to keep your patients safe.
You can feel confident in knowing you've chosen the right company to help keep your loved ones safe.
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